How To Become A Shaklee Member and What Are The Benefits?

I was being asked several times on how to become a Shaklee member and what are the benefits of joining the team. The most important thing in joining Shaklee is to get the right team to guide and grow you to become a leader. And that's why being a part of Supermom team (check out the Founder of YourSupermom team, Master Hadhatina Abd Halim and Master Mohd Kamarul Baharin) is not only to groom you in the business, but it is fun to join lots of activities, teambuildings, getaway, and lots more!

Below are some of the questions you might to know about being a Shaklee member:

Who should apply?

*are you above 18 years old?
*are you holding Malaysian citizenship?
*do you want to help your family?
*do you want to work from home and have more time with your family?
*do you want to have financial freedom?
*do you have lots of debts to be settled?
*do you want to start a business with a low risk?
*do you want to have fun in business?

How much are the membership fees?

i. The membership fees are RM68.90 (exclude postage of Member Kit - RM10.60), without any renewal nor maintenance to be done.
ii. Get waived on the membership fees upon purchase above 200uv (approx RM700 product value), also no renewal fees and maintenance required.

What are the benefits?

Benefits in Shaklee comes in 3 ways.


The Shaklee Car Subsidy Program is a Shaklee-sponsored incentive program available to all Shaklee Sales Leaders who meet specific qualification requirements.
Qualified Sales Leaders earn basic car credits each month when they fulfill the minimum performance requirement of the Car Subsidy Program.


Shaklee offers the opportunity to earn compensation for several business building activities. Earn a percentage based on both your product sales and development of a team of business leaders that does the same. The larger your team grows, the more you earn! The opportunities for growth are infinite.


Once you reach the rank of Supervisor, you can begin to earn points toward the Incentive program which includes exclusive all-expense-paid trips.Not forget to mention, almost all travelling are on 6 stars travelling experiences!

How to become a member?

As simple as an ABC!
STEP 1 : Please click on below picture
STEP 2 : Fill in the form with required information
STEP 3 : Make required payment and send transaction slip to or 012-9401604
STEP 4 : Wait for your notification and member's kit to arrive at your mailing address

Membership Form